Buyseotools Trading Will submit evidence supporting remark: PWD minister on 2022 case | Bengaluru

Will submit evidence supporting remark: PWD minister on 2022 case | Bengaluru

Will submit evidence supporting remark: PWD minister on 2022 case | Bengaluru post thumbnail image

Belagavi Karnataka public works department minister Satish Jarkiholi said he will face a legal battle in the criminal case against him following his controversial statement in 2022. He said he would provide “evidence” in the court supporting his statement. A special court in Bengaluru earlier ordered to initiate criminal proceedings against him over his interpretation of the word ‘Hindu.’

Satish Jarkiholi (Arijit Sen/HT Photo)

Addressing the media in Belagavi on Monday, Jarkiholi said, “Despite expressing regret and opposition, a lawyer has pursued the matter. His suit, initially rejected by a lower court, has now escalated to a special court.”

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Asserting that he has yet to receive a copy of the court’s order, Jarkiholi affirmed his intention to contest the decision in the court.

“I will face this legal battle by presenting substantial evidence to support my interpretation of the term Hindu,” he declared.

When questioned about potential political motives behind the case’s elevation to a special court despite its dismissal in a lower court, Jarkiholi suggested external influences may have fuelled the petitioner’s determination to disrupt his peace of mind.

Jarkiholi, also the working president of Congress, clarified that he approaches sensitive religious matters with thorough preparation and evidence. “I arrived at my understanding of the term Hindu through extensive research from credible sources, including official Wikipedia entries,” he said, adding that he would present the relevant evidence in the court in his defence.

Regarding his party’s counsel to retract his statement, Jarkiholi admitted to publicly expressing regret during a news conference in Belagavi last December. However, he maintained his position on the meaning of Hindu. He explained that his apology was motivated by the impending assembly elections and his desire to prevent political advantage for rival parties.

“Nevertheless, I remain steadfast in my interpretation of the term,” he said.

The controversy stemmed from Jarkiholi’s remarks questioning the origins of the word Hindu during a public event. During an event in Belagavi in November 2022, Jarkiholi claimed that the word Hindu was Persian. He suggested that the term had no connection to India and implied its meaning was derogatory.

“Where did the word Hindu come from? Is it ours? It’s Persian, which covers places such as Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. What does it have to do with Bharat? How did the word Hindu become yours? This must be discussed,” he had said.

As a result of a suit filed by Bengaluru-based lawyer Dilip Kumar, the special court of people’s representatives in Bengaluru directed the police to initiate criminal proceedings against Jarkiholi under Section 397 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Superintendent of police of Belagavi Bhimashankar Guled confirmed that once the official order is received, an FIR will be lodged against the minister. “Appropriate action will be taken following legal protocols,” he added.

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