Buyseotools Trading Vokkaligas should try to shine in trade, commerce: Ex-Karnataka CM Bommai | Bengaluru

Vokkaligas should try to shine in trade, commerce: Ex-Karnataka CM Bommai | Bengaluru

Vokkaligas should try to shine in trade, commerce: Ex-Karnataka CM Bommai | Bengaluru post thumbnail image

The Vokkaliga community has shed sweat to shine in the field of agriculture and they must also try to shine in the field of trade and commerce, said former Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Sunday.

Vokkaligas should try to shine in trade, commerce: Ex-Karnataka CM Bommai

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Speaking at the valedictory of the ‘Udyama Vokkaliga’ in Palace Ground here on Sunday, he said at one time those who owned land ruled the world. To conquer land, kings and rulers waged wars.

The greatest fighter, Alexandar, waged several wars to conquer the world, and his mentor, Aristotle had told him that a win over India was like winning the world. Subsequently, traders ruled the world. Now, the world is ruled by those who possess knowledge.

Bommai said a survey was done when the competition raged between Bill Clinton and Bill Gates over the popularity and Bill Gates emerged victorious. Agriculture is also a field and life was impossible without agriculture. One per cent growth in agriculture means the trade sector would grow by 4 per cent and the service sector by 10 per cent.

The base of all these sectors has been the field of agriculture. Unfortunately, agriculture has not progressed as an industry as the land had remained the same but the production had increased. Likewise, the income of farmers has not increased.

The Vokkaliga community would not progress if they depended only on agriculture. Along with farming, they must be involved in trade and commercial activities to open up themselves to the outer world. However, they must follow a definite plan to protect their land.

The former CM said there had been an increase in the number of Vokkaligas who sold the land to contest the election. Their trade required skill development for which self-esteem was very important. Some communities were fully dependent on money but they believed in hard work.

If they possess the knowledge, the capital will come behind them. The community must take up the challenge to achieve anything and the capital would come in search of them. It would not be possible to do anything if they feel contended.

The achievement was possible only if the bellies were empty. The vokkaligas must make a mark in trade and business also. Culture plays an important role even in trade also and the society would respect if they tread on the right path.

He said none can surpass the vokkaligas who shed the sweat in agriculture and produce. “I have lots of respect and love for the Vokkaliga community. The BJP leader, Dr Ashwath Narayana played a pivotal role in installing the statue of Nada Prabhu Kempe Gowda near the Bengaluru International Airport.

The world will turn towards you if they mind. I have confidence in the vokkaliga youths as you have seen the world. Sri Kempe Gowda built Bengaluru and the future Bengaluru must be constructed by the sons of Kempe Gowda. (ANI)

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