Buyseotools Trading Proud Indian: Congress leader clarifies ‘separate nation for South India’ remark | Latest News India

Proud Indian: Congress leader clarifies ‘separate nation for South India’ remark | Latest News India

Proud Indian: Congress leader clarifies ‘separate nation for South India’ remark | Latest News India post thumbnail image

Congress MP DK Suresh on Thursday clarified his statement on “separate nation for South India” remark saying that he pointed out the injustice being done to Karnataka and other southern states by the BJP-led central government in the interim budget 2024.

Congress MP DK Suresh(ANI)

While clarifying his statement on X, the Lok Sabha MP from Bengaluru rural, said that he is a proud Indian and a proud Kannadiga. in a series of X posts, Suresh said, “A Proud Indian & a proud Kannadiga! South India and especially Karnataka have faced the brutality of injustice in funds distribution. Even after being the 2nd largest GST-contributing state, the center has been utterly unjust to Karnataka and Southern states while states like Gujarat have seen a 51% hike. If this is not Injustice then what is?”

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While accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of twisting his statements and a making an issue of a small thing, the Congress MP said, “My duty is to raise my voice against the injustice being done in the southern states, especially in Karnataka. Everyone has the right to question the corrupt behavior shown by the Central Government on the state. I have said that if this injustice continues like this, the cry of separation has already come everywhere. The Bharatiya Janata Party is relentless in twisting my statement.”

While alleging the saffron camp of following the Nathuram Godse ideology, he said, “As a Kannadiga and Indian, I condemn the grave injustice done to Karnataka and southern states & will continue to voice my opinion regarding the same. While we follow Nehru and Patel’s legacy of uniting the nation, it is an open fact that you follow Godse’s legacy.”

He further said that he stands by the unity and integrity of India as a “proud Indian” and will continue to fight against the injustice done to the Kannada people.

“If we question the central government, we are “separatists”! We have not, and will not, have the plight of learning about patriotism, unity and integrity from the bogus Janata Party. Jai Hind! Yay Mother Karnataka!,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Suresh, brother of Karnataka state deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar, courted controversy by claiming that the southern states of India will raise a demand for a separate country if the “centre” ‘continues the trend’ of not releasing funds for them.

He had said that South India has always been ignored when it comes to providing funds and said that this will eventually lead them to demand a separate nation for the southern part of the country.

Speaking to reporters after the budget presentation, the Bengaluru rural MP said, “The central government has been ignoring South India when allocating funds. They allocate more funds to North India, especially the Hindi heartland. This is not changing, and if this continues, it will provoke us to get separated from the Hindi heartland and demand a separate country. We must get what we deserve.”

However, the statement from the Congress leader drew sharp criticism from the BJP leaders with BJP MP Tejasvi Surya accusing DK Suresh of playing a ‘trick’ to divide the country. Surya also slammed the Congress accusing it of having an idea of ‘divide and rule’ that is much ‘worse than that followed by the colonisers’.

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