Buyseotools Trading Karnataka govt to set aside ₹100 crore to revamp Ram temples | Bengaluru

Karnataka govt to set aside ₹100 crore to revamp Ram temples | Bengaluru

Karnataka govt to set aside ₹100 crore to revamp Ram temples | Bengaluru post thumbnail image

Bengaluru: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at the consecration of Ram Lalla Idol in Ayodhya, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, often dubbed as the atheist by critics, inaugurated a Ram Temple in Bengaluru’s Mahadevapura area. Even though the event was considered a symbolic move to counter Hindutva, those in the know of the developments say that the government has a larger plan to use the politics over Ram Mandir to help Congress in the upcoming elections.

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah inaugurating the Sitarama Lakshmana temple in Mahadevapura in Bengaluru. (ANI)

As per departmental documents, the Siddaramaiah government has decided to renovate at least 100 – many of them old – temples in the state. For this, the state Congress government has allocated 100 crore for the renovation of ancient Ram temples across the state. Apart from this, 100 crore was proposed for constructing residential complexes in Ayodhya, pending approval from the Uttar Pradesh government.

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“The Chief Minister is expected to announce the plan for the restoration of the ancient Ram Temple and the construction of large residential complexes in Ayodhya during the budget for the fiscal year 2024-25. Discussions are underway for the inclusion of these projects in the Hindu religious institutions and the endowment department plans for the financial year,” said an official who didn’t want to be named.

He further added that the total financial aid of 210 crore will be given to temples and a total allocation of 690.28 crore for other departmental works is expected to be announced.

The budgetary allocation of 100 crore for the renovation of 100 ancient Ram temples has sparked political debates, particularly in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections where the BJP is leveraging the Ayodhya Ram Temple issue. The additional allocation of 100 crore by the state Congress government has further fuelled discussions in political circles.

Addressing the rationale behind the temple renovation initiative, Muzrai minister Ramalinga Reddy said the government’s commitment to upgrading temples, including Ram temples, across the state. “We have given a proposal to the Chief Minister for the allocation of funds for the renovation… this is not politics over Ram mandir, we want to improve the temples in the state where people have been worshipping for a very long time. This project is not limited to Ram temples, other temples also will see renovation under this proposed scheme,” he said.

The Congress has defended its allocation of funds for temple renovation, asserting that it reflects the government’s commitment to preserving ancient heritage sites. The party tweeted: “The government has earmarked 100 crores for the renovation of ancient Ram temples. Rama is also present in Karnataka… In this regard, our government has taken steps to restore ancient temples. God and religion are not an object of politics for us; it is only a spiritual path to belief and devotion,” it said.

Meanwhile, leader of the opposition in the Karnataka assembly, R Ashoka, said that the Congress is “anti-Hindu”. He said that Siddaramaiah was trying to bring the morale of BJP workers down by harassing them. “The government ordered the arrest of activists who took part in the Ayodhya movement. They put them in jail. They are constantly harassing them. No matter what they do, the votes and those who believe in Hindutva give an answer to the Congress in upcoming election,” he said.

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